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You know how Steve’s list of culture stuff to catch up on was slightly different in each country where Winter Soldier showed? I just found out that Oldboy was on the Korean list, and now I’m crying thinking of Steve trying to watch that movie.

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oh shiiiiiiit Jensen made a twitter? I mean it IS 2014 but I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of the apocalypse.

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There are so many canons where characters have powers based on the four elements and so many of those canons reduce those powers to slinging projectiles at each other and I think that’s why I respect the shit out of what Avatar: The Last Airbender did with Katara. Girl did things with water I literally would have never thought of and every single time there I was like

Anonymous asked: "When you updated Surface Tension my heart sang with joy."

Thank you! It still amazes me and warms my heart that so many people actually wait for me to update my ridiculous self-indulgent fic about pirate!Dean boning all my favorite characters.

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In which Dís is fed up with idiots and fighting and decides to do something about it, saving the day with her awesomeness and now everyone can go home.

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Dad. I don’t want to hurt Ren… He’s my best mate.

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How terrifying is James Spader on set? x

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Dylan Marron and Jasika Nicole are the prettiest and the nicest people, I want to carry their books to school for them forever.

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The Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover with Welcome to Night Vale live show was the best thing to happen to me all weekend. I GOT TO HUG DYLAN MARRON.

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Legend of Korra, SDCC 2014

In ballroom 20. I’m gonna be guest-tweeting some of the panels over at @TheFakeGeekGal

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